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Roof Cleaning in New England serving All Areas after covid in 2022

Pressure Washing Commercial Service Pressure Washing Commercial Service
Roof Cleaning Process:

Blue Sky Power Washing explains clearly the process so you can have accurate expectations.

Please note: lichen, algae, and moss grow into the shingles, and can never be perfectly removed.

1. We soft wash, which means we use water pressure only equivalent to a garden hose.
More than that can cause shingles to lift and water to find a way into your roof and or ceilings like ice backup can do in the winter.

2. We use a foaming biodegradable cleaning solution (safe for pets, humans, and landscaping), which sits on the shingles for about 15 minutes and kills all of the moss, algae, and lichen.

3.  The black streaks are a type of algae and will come off the same day of service.
Roof Soft Washing Process Dunstable

4.  The green is moss and lichen.  Although they will be killed that day, there will be grey and white left on the roof which comes off over time from the rain storms. The reason it does not come off that day, is because it needs to die down to the roots, and then as it rains more it washes it off.  If we have normal rain weekly, it should come off gradually over 30 to 60 days.

Blue Sky Hot Water Roof Soft Washing Service FAQ&A's:

Can this process compromise/harm the roof?
If one were not to follow manufacturer guidelines & either walk on the roof & or actually high pressure power wash the roof, this could damage the roof.

We follow the manufacturer guidelines as laid out in the Roof Washing Process email which I will send to you explaining our hot water, soft washing process.

What does prep work mean?
Rinsing down landscaping before & after treatment, tarping landscaping where necessary, setting up ladders and wands to service the roof, etc.

Do you bring some kind of water truck or do you plan to use my water?
Both, we bring about 250 gallons of water with us to your property, as well, we refill our tank while washing, from your outside faucet for any additional

water needed.It refills only at the rate that your faucet runs.

Does someone have to be here?
No, absolutely you do not need to be there while the work is performed, most customers are not as they are usually at work.

Do you reschedule for weather?
YES, for roof washing we definitely do. We do this service on a mostly dry day.

What guarantee is there that all the algae gets removed ?
We guarantee our roof cleaning for 3 years from the service date.
We would come back & re-treat if necessary.

How long does this last?
3 or more years, depends upon the amount of sunlight & drying the roof regularly receives and
how many trees & wetlands are nearby to the roof.

Go with the professionals at Blue Sky Power Washing, NH call (603) 594-WASH "9274"
VISIT our website to view some pictures of roofs we've cleaned.

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